When Yoga came to the western world over a century ago, it came mainly as an asana (posture) practice. Hatha Yoga is the most common type of Yoga practiced in the western hemisphere. Maybe because we focused on the physical aspect of Yoga (the postures), today people refer to Yoga and Meditation as two different things. However, Yoga is Meditation, and Meditation is Yoga.  Different lineages of yoga emphasize different aspects of yoga, more asanas than pranayama (breath control), or more meditation than asanas, one more than the other perhaps, but it is all Yoga. In fact, the meaning of the word Yoga in Sanskrit is “to unite/union”. Yogi Bhajan – Master of Kundalini – defines Yoga as “the union of individual’s unit of consciousness with the Infinite Consciousness.”

With time, Yoga in the West became like a fitness exercise, creating the idea of what is a perfect yoga posture, and an expectation of what those who practice yoga should look like. Our society created expectations, to a practice where there should be none. You and your body do the perfect yoga for yourself. You are where you should be. There is no image one should attain from yoga. Yoga is a state of being, being yourself, just that. 

In order to explain what types of Yoga & Meditation styles I teach, I will explain meditation and yoga separately:



Kundalini Yoga


Mindfulness or Insight Meditation