MINDFUL MINUTES with yogi mommy

Mindful Minutes is a series of weekly short videos with quick meditations, breathing exercises and tips to help you to have a more mindful life. Please join me in this series and let’s create more space in your life.
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Long Deep Breathing! 

Hi! This is the first Mindful Minutes video. It is important to know how to breath correctly and the vast majority of us don't do it. We breath too shallow and that can cause anxiety. For more description click here.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Hi! In this week's Mindful Minutes we will do a breathing exercise (pranayam) called Alternate Nostril Breathing. This exercise is great doing before going to bed, or when you are trying to relax after something stressful happened. For more description please click here.



Hi! In this week's Mindful Minutes we will do a Meditation called Meditation for a Calm Heart. This meditation helps to clear perception to your relationship with yourself and others and calm your heart. Additionally, can help you to increase your lung capacity too. For more description click here.


Mindful Minutes - Spinal Flex

Hi! In this week's Mindful Minutes, I invite you to do an exercise called Spinal Flex. This exercise is done a lot as a warm up in Kundalini Yoga, it helps to open the chest and also move the spinal fluid around your spine. If you have kids, I am sure they will join you as well. For more description click here.