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Yoga for Modern Life - a 3 class series

Yoga practice is thousands of years old, but it is more relevant than ever before. Most of our dis-eases today come from our life style, and the fact we are living under fight & flight mode 24/7, stressing our bodies like never before and for extended periods of time. 

This on going stress takes a toll in our physical bodies. We no longer know how to truly relax. We need a practice that is efficient and that focus on strengthening our nervous system. This is where Kundalini Yoga comes in very handy. With very prescriptive solutions Kundalini Yoga can help you to improve your life. 

These 3 two hours classes will cover 3 of the most common stress related dis-eases:

1st class: Learning how to be Present and leave Anxiety behind (april 7th)
2nd class: Yoga to Sleep Better and fight Insomnia (april 13th)
3rd class: Finding Happiness and fighting Cold Depression (May 4th)

In each class we will learn about how Kundalini Yoga science will work in our physical bodies to help improve our quality of life. I will share tolls like meditation, breathing exercises, and kriyas that you can use to continue work on your daily routine. Kriyas are a series of exercises with a known outcome. 

Daniela Mattos is a Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor and also studied Biotechnology at Rochester Institute of Technology. Given her background, she bridges Western Science and Kundalini Yoga to help others to live a better version of themselves.   

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Yogi Tea will be provided at the end.