Losing a Loved One – Akaal Undying Meditation

When we lose someone we love, only time will truly heal the wound. When we lose a parent even more so, because of the energetic ties we have with them are part of us since our own existence. Kundalini Yoga is a very resourceful and prescriptive ancient science, and you may have guessed already, we do have a Meditation for when we lose someone too. 

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Great Tea Recipe for Cold/Flu Season! Yogi Tea!

Yogi Bhajan - who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West - also shared a few recipes. My favorite recipe is Yogi Tea.

It is good to cleanse the blood, and for nervous system, and liver. Also helps during colds & flu. It is easy to make and so yummy!! I drink this tea a lot, and it is great before and after meditation too. So, maybe you want to your list of home recipes and to your routine too. Here it goes:

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